Let’s flow……

Come on a MindDrive with me!!

We’ll relax, chat and drive for an hour, two or more.

Allow the informal mood and flow release opportunities from any resistance in your life.

Move closer to clarity. To hope. To resolution. To action.

Move into you.

Merge it with a planned ( Uber styled ) trip.

Do this knowing if our time doesn’t serve you you’ll only pay a base rate to cover my costs and min wage for time. IF the experience DOES serve you, then you pay what you feel it’s worth. It’s called the P4V approach. ( pay for value )

Click here to explore the follow services:

MD 1 – 1 hour

MD 2 – 2 hours – with intent to include country driving

MD 3 – 3 hours – accessing the closest country drive possible

MD Canberra ( premium )

MD Brain Storm

MD Mediation

MD Custom

Take an extra 3-4 hrs to

If you travel to Canberra for work consider an 8hr unwinding of emotional tension. Silence. Chat. Music. Your call.

Give purpose to your travel.

Recognise it’s actually only around an extra 3-4 hrs more than the plane experience