About me

I’ve been around the block a few times emotionally. My own mind health keeps me ever conscious of the need to expand and is always informing me. When we lose “everything” we gain. When I asked myself the question “What do I have?” the answer was “a car…a personality…emotional intelligence”. Enter MindDriver. Filling a need for informal, affordable, self driven reframing of life issues, new ideas and possibilities. All done whilst moving forward, whilst looking forward… in my car.

Hello to you,

What a weird thing to do. Write about ourself to an unknown audience who haven’t witnessed the nuances of storylines that lay either side and in between what’s actually written.

If I’m honest the above paragraph is a stall. It’s a gentle justification that I don’t have the packaged credentials society expect me to have to be able to help people…. to be here offering what I am.

Still, I AM here and have gifts as we all do.

One of my gifts is emotional intelligence. Having lived 53 years with some level of a spectrum related mind I have lived, evolved and born to light a confidence to take my gift seriously yet lightly.

I’m a thinker. I see patterns in life. I see angles that often reframe an issue ( emotional/business/…..) into one of opportunity, growth and peace. I have a metaphysical take on life which nurtures theses gifts into a constant wonder at life in general.

My mind and personality has struggled to carve out a ca