About me

Hmmmm, the “ About Me “ page ha? I’d love to witness how many rewrites others do before publishing theirs. For a deep thinker like myself and one who is known to ramble, well, it’s a challenge.

I say ramble because that’s what others say. To be true though, it’s not rambling to me, it’s because I see and feel so many different angles to things that I want to share it all. When others don’t experience what I do, it’s rambling to them:)

Herein lies my gift ( and weakness ).

It nurtures my perception. It helps me see patterns. It contributes to me seeing opportunities and links. It invites greater intuition. It allows me to make sense of metaphysical principles.

It can also be debilitating because I over think and can become paralysed by choice in life. I can over express what I see and feel to loved ones.

This complex mind paradoxically experiences the joy in simple things and the more I lean into me the greater the joy and awe.

I have been tested all my life because I didn’t have a language for how I felt. I didn’t know how to apply it so it went wayward with various ( safe ) addictions and subsequent suppression of self.

Enter Lifes leverage … yayyy. 😰

A marriage and business breakdown was my wake up call and like a dreamy new born kitten it’s taken a while for my eyes to fully open. They have though and MindDriveR is a first expression of who I truely am.

It is my intent to be as authentic as possible with my clients. I acknowledge that life’s timing and clients level of curiosity may not make us compatible and that is why I am using the P4V method of payment.

If you’ve read this far I thank you for doing so.

I truely hope I can contribute to your life and you mine however brief our drive may be.

Until we meet…. stay gentle and be curious.