MindDriver Services

  1. Informal expansionary and insightful chats as we drive.

reframe emotional issues brainstorm your seed of an idea

MD 1hour

More of a ” pick me up” service.

A one hour drive to add some quick zest to your mood. Maybe insightful. A distraction into lightness…….

Cost = $60 ( includes time getting to you + P4V after receiving follow up email.

MD 2 hour

As above with more time. May include access to wider spaces depending where you live.

Cost = $90

Md 3 +

Cost = $120

MD All day 10am – 4pm

Cost $200

2/ Brainstorming – Corporate and personal

Fill the car up with 4 ( or less) and let’s let the changing environment fuel new ways to see an opportunity

3/ Mediation – colleagues or friends

Have some unresolved tension happening? Both seek resolution a the highest value?

Hop in the car. Both in back or front and back. There’s a way. There IS a way

4/ standard Uber style trips

Book me for a usual paid trip as you would an Uber. This is only for trips over 45 min.

5/ Interstate revival ( premium service )

Flying to Canberra, Adelaide or anywhere else for business?

Use the Sunday ( or any other day) to totally unwind with silence, music, brainstorming, emotional exploration or a combo of all.

Approximate extra time to drive when compared to flying experience:

Flying ( average )

To airport = 40m

At airport = 60m

Airtime = 60m

Arrival = 10m

Organising taxi/uber = 20m

Travel to cbd = 20m

Total conservative time = 3.5 hrs

By road to Canberra = 8-9 hrs

Is the extra 5hrs worth a well needed change?