Interstate “just slowdown” trips

Ok, now I doubt this service will go nutso BUT there is a sound logic to it.

With so many people leading stressed out lives and who travel frequently I thought I’d offer a “ slow down “ service.

Basically I drive you interstate or regional the day before your business commitments. It’s your opportunity to physically stop but still be moved. Your opportunity to sleep, to chat, listen to music or podcasts, brainstorm ……. whatever.

Often the VALUE of slowing down far outweighs the value of perceived productivity. Think about this:

Melbourne to Canberra via air.

Average trip to Melb Airport = 45 m

Check-in time = 60min

Flight time = 60 min

Disembarking ( without luggage collection ) = 15 min

Wait time for Uber or taxi = 15 min

Travel time to city/accommodation = 15

Total time = approximately 3.5 hours

By road = 7-8 hrs

Actual “ lost time” = 4hrs

Is it truely LOST though? How much value could that 4 hours of slowing down have on the efficiency and depth of thought and emotion over the next week? You know yourself so be open to this.