The Pay for Value [P4V] approach

The P4V approach is my own adaption of the Pay What You Want approach seen at various cafes and restaurants around the world and expressed in other ways with other industries.

Why P4V? For a few reasons:

  1. It places focus on the value ( or not ) experienced. Usually we get what we pay for in life yet with mind related services we can sometimes walk out not feeling like we actually got anything. I sure have and it’s not always a reflection on the councellor or psychologist. It can simply be an incompatibility of thought forms.
  2. Perceived Credibility : In this service driven world we have reached a point where credibility is paramount. Perceived or actual. Expertise is gold. Clearly it’s important and so too the price tag attached to people who have spent their life learning in this field. Our uniqueness deserves to choose our own flavour of experience though. Given I am not a trained councellor or psychologist I have no right to charge fees similar to those who are. But, my life experience and mind are still gifts. So, if these are felt as gifts to you then you pay what it’s worth to you.
  3. Giving back: The P4V approach also allows for people without much money to see me and not pay at all even if I do help them.